Create a Quick Response Code

Create a Quick Response Code and Use it

You may have seen Quick Response Codes in Magazine advertisements, a business card or even on a resume/CV. A quick response code is a way to go to a web site page / URL without keying in the full web page name. Several web sites offer free quick response code generation services. One easy one to use is Its interface is easy to use and you can customize the size of the code generated. A 200x200 pixel size may work in an advertisement but be too large for a resume. Here are the steps to create/use a Quick Response Code.

1) Decide on the item you wish to encode

Decide on the exact web site URL or other information you wish to encode (Text, phone, SMS, vCard / business card)

2) Decide on how you wish to use the code

Is it for an advertising campaign, for use on your resume, or for creating buzz via social media?

3) Generate the code

There are many web sites that will create quick response codes for you.
An easy to use site is
b) Here is the Quick Response Code for my site

4) Copy the Quick Response Code image to the place you wish to store it (laptop, desktop, etc.)

Right click on the image and save it.

5) Test to ensure it works as you expect

Test the image to ensure it:
Goes to the correct location you expect
Is the right size

Meets all your other requirements

6) Place the Quick Response Code where you want to use it

Test the image to esnure it still works as expected.

7) Measure results from use of the Quick Response Code